TrekMUSE: Economy

The economy on TrekMUSE is intended to provide an interesting limit on an empire's resources. Using the economy will eventually be an enjoyable task, and will help your empire grow and defend itself in space. Right now the economy is still under development, and empires are not being charged for their ships or their buildings.

Current Economy Information

Personal Economy Information

Along with an empire-economy, a personal economy is being planned. It will allow you to transfer money between characters, which allows for payment for interesting items, bribes, and so forth. Personal econ is still in the design stages, and it's creation is a little less important than improving the current macro-economy.

Enhancements and Help

As will all other aspects of the game, reasonable suggestions are accepted and appreciated. The directors take suggestions for new products (but please explain the products and what they are used for). Also, please don't make the suggestion that anything be completely redesigned. There are reasons why things are the way they are. Enhancements are fine, just no complaints. :-) - Last update, July 1, 1997