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Starfleet Academy Flight School

The primary mission of Starfleet's Flight School is one of tremendous importance and difficulty: it is the mission of molding Starfleet Academy's graduates into the officers that will lead Starfleet into her next century. The Flight School's curriculum is designed to provide interns with practical working knowledge of console skills, protocol, honor, duty, teamwork, respect, integrity, communication, and service. It is our goal to enable our interns to succeed by teaching them not only how to follow orders, but that each and every officer counts, and that each officer's every action affects the rest of his crew. Our greatest tool to imparting this knowledge is the ability to teach by example. The Flight School seeks not only to prepare interns for console Flight certifications, but to prepare them for life in Starfleet and their role as officers. The Flight School's training vessel, pictured above, is the USS Normandy, NCC 10413-A, an Ambassador-class heavy cruiser. If you have questions regarding the Flight School, you may connect to TrekMUSE and contact one of the staff members.