Ferengi Academy

Ferengi Information Computer

This area contains information Ferengi citizens on the game should know about. For characters from other empires, this information should not be considered in character (IC) knowledge.

Rank Information

Ranks in the Trekmuse are an integral part of the system. They are usually a good way to know who's who and who knows what (but not always!). Powers are not largely separate from rank, people can be given and stripped of powers independantly of their rank now by Directors and Fleet Admirals. For the most part, though, most players of the same rank will share the same abilities.

Default        Ferengi
-------        -------
Visitor        Wet Behind the Ears
Robot          Slave
Citizen        Nefir
Crew           Mul
Ensign         Hoozar
Lieutenant JG  Pilch
Lieutenant     tarkMon
Lt.Commander   QuoMon
Commander      Sub DaiMon
Captain        DaiMon
Commodore      Bashar
Rear Admiral   Grandfaloon
Vice Admiral   uDaon
Admiral        Daon
Fleet Admiral  Nagus
Director       Grand Nagus

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