Ferengi Race

Official Description

The behavior of the Ferengi Alliance and it's race can often seem sinister or underhanded. Actually, the Ferengi follow their own very strict code of ethics. They seem so agressive because they are the galaxy's most extreem capitalists -- they seek to acquire as much property and profit as they can in life. Conquest in trade or business is as important to the Ferengi as victory in combat (if not more so). The Symbol of the Ferengi Alliance is a graphic representation of their narrow view of life: a "dog-eat-dog" world is represented by a small circle being engulfed by a larger symbol, which itself is being "eaten" by another!

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Ferengi Central Description

Well, first of all, you should know that Ferengis are well known for their honor and scruples. These handsome devils charm the ladies while they stand as the role models for men all over the galaxy. A feeble female cannot control herself wile in the prescence of even an average Ferengi's massive lobes. We are rugged, mysterious, and handsome. Our females are pleased to be in the prescence of the males of our species. On Ferengal it has been said that all the males are handsome, all the females are beautiful, and all of their offspring are above-average.

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