About the tlhIngan'wo'

The tlhIngan'wo' (Klingon Empire) is one of the six major empires in the Galaxy. Primarily a Warrior race, The Klingon's large, muscular build makes them well suited to hand-to-hand combat, a skill for which they are surpassed by few in the Galaxy. Klingons are usually darker skinned humanoids with dark (usually black) hair. Their foreheads are adorned with numerous "ridges" which recede back into their scalp. Klingons are a proud race, bound by traditions and personal, as well as family honor. A Klingon's honor is of utmost importance, and the greatest of tasks to a Klingon Warrior is to sustain and uphold the honor and glory of the Empire. The Klingon Empire currently consists of ten planetary systems, in addition to the primary system of Qo'noS (Klinzhai) proper.

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