Banner of House Bloc'QoD

As you stare into the cool blackness of the Bloc'QoD Banner, you seem to drift into a daydream. For you can't tell if it is blackness of just nothingness that you stare upon. You are startled by a sudden discovery. For you notice a circle in the center. It is of a very dark blue.... almost black itself. Inside the circle, you see a figure. It is cloaked and it's face is hooded. It's arms at it's side, you squint to see the blades it holds in it's hands. The blades are bent in a wicked curve inwards, the tips pointing to the figures face. You step back, and gasp at the power and awe that the banner shows.

K'taar is the current head of House Bloc'QoD


Deceased Members of House Bloc'QoD

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