Banner of Clan K'NoG

Made from the large whitish skin of an offworld animal, the banner of the clan K'NoG emits a flux of elemental power. In the center of the banner lies a large filled circle, the blood-red color of the setting sun. Inscribed within this circle is a picture of a long, lean predatory animal, his head raised to the heavens, his eye gleaming, his mouth open in a snarl of impending victory. At the base of the banner, inscribed in small black klingon script, is the K'NoG creed: 'To bind in blood the greatest warriors in a brotherhood based upon eternal and immutable principles with a bond as strong as honor. To have no narrower limits with which to work for the elevation of the clan than the outlines of the universe.'

Kon is the current head of Clan K'NoG


Deceased Members of Clan K'NoG

Most have returned to orthorng for the study of naghto', the final form, and quiet contemplation and meditation, and await the coming of qeylIS, when the warriors whoop will be heard throughout the universe. Kon remains on Klinzhai, meditating and training in the hills.

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