Banner of House qul'wo''ghargh'a''e'

An ancient tapestry of indigo linen proudly sprawls across one section of the wall. On it stands a large, winged, reptillian creature, with wings out- stretched, and coiled to unleash its fury at something unseen off the left of the fabric. The jaws are wide open, revealing rows of long, sharp teeth, and red and golden flames pour out of the serpent's mouth! Clenched in one up- raised paw is the gold, red, blue, and green of the Imperial Triad. In the other fore-claw, under the weight of the beast, is the old Imperial Symbol from before the Unification. From the creature's neck, near where it joins the head, flows back a single golden banner, symbolizing the one ancestor of the Family who ever sat upon the Imperial Throne...

T'rkal is the current head of House qul'wo''ghargh'a''e'


Deceased Members of House qul'wo''ghargh'a''e'

Through T'rkal's Mating with Mazdek, vav 'emrIS, the House of the Imperial Flaming Dragon has a strong tie to that House. T'rkal's sister, Krystaln, also called "mom," is another strong force behind the family.

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