Banner of House So''etlhwI'

The stark, total blackness of this banner seems to drain the light from everything around it. It is oppressive in its starkness. As you look, for the briefest instant, the image of an 'etlh (sword) forms, then is just as quickly gone. You wonder if you saw it, or just imagined it. You can't help but feel unease. There is power here.

The Line-Father of So''etlhwI' is qorogh


This is the same banner which was torn from the Empire Hall in disgrace, when qorogh went undercover among the Gorn. It was with qorogh on Ghdar, and is the only tlhIngan standard to have ever flown there. You see a large, pinkish stain of 'Iw tlhIngan, from qorogh's blood vow to return to the Homeworld, to once again breathe the sweet air of juHqo' tlhIngan.

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