TrekMUSE: The Machine

TrekMUSE has run on several different computer types and locations in it's lifetime.

Currently TrekMUSE resides on a DEC Universal Desktop Box Alpha running at 166Mhz with 96MB of memory. It is located on a T1 (feeding off a backbone T3) network connection run to Laura's home.

Previously, TrekMUSE ran on "grimmy", a 100Mhz DEC Alpha 3000 with 72MB of memory, hosted on a 10Mbit ethernet LAN one hop from a T3 at MCNC, where Laura works.

TrekMUSE originally started in a university in Ohio in January 1991. It ran there for 2 or 3 months before moving to a DEC 5000/200 at UNC-GA. It lived there for about a year, and then was moved to a DEC 5000/50 at Virginia Tech. There it lived for another year and a half before moving to grimmy in September 1993.

These upgrades are not cheap. If you enjoy playing the game, thank Laura for spending the cash to keep the game running. - Last update, April 14, 1997