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Klingon Empire

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This data file will begin with a description of the physical characteristics of the Khell'oann Mhehorael, called Klingons by humans. They are a humanoid race, standing between two and two and a quarter meters tall, weighing between one hundred and a hundred and twenty-five kilograms, with dark beige to light brown complexion. Their hair in generally allowed to grow out and is pulled back into a ponytail or braids, and their most prominent facial features are their rather pronounced forehead ridges.

The psychological profile of the Khell'oann Mhehorael will be the next topic to be discussed. The Khell'oann Mhehorael are a rather simple race of lower functioning creatures. They tend to respond only to the basic and most primitive urges, impulses, and desires, such as hunger, hate, jealousy, and even fear, though they would never acknowledge it as such. They appear to have stifled their own ability to expand emotionally and psychologically through their petty jealousies and rivalries for power, thus condemning themselves to always be one of the lesser races.

Even though the Khell'loann Mhehorael have quite a few major drawbacks, their empire does possess a few redeeming qualities, namely their intrinsic, albeit misdirected, sense of loyalty and honor. Their society places a great deal of importance on personal, family, and empire honor, even so much as that they would rather die than face what they feel as "dishonor." The whole Khell'loann Mhehorael Empire is based on the firm belief of an afterlife in which the warriors who have obtained great honor shall receive great rewards, and those who have squandered their honor shall live in eternal hell. The empire is ruled by Qang Y'Aarg and their version of a High Council, which is comprised of the most honorable warriors of their Empire. In their world, honor is power and power is honor, a rather simple system of government.

The Khell'loann Mhehorael technology, while inferior to our own, has some distinct advantages over the other empires. The Khell'loann Mhehorael is the only empire to have attained, through trade with our own, the cloaking device and the Bird of Prey ship design.

In addition to their normal disruptors, Khell'loann Mhehorael officers also carry metallic rods approximately one meter in length called "pain sticks." The Khell'loann Mhehorael officers use these devices to discipline their junior officers who make errors not severe enough to warrant execution.

The final aspect of the Khell'loann Mhehorael Empire to be discussed is their family structure. The typical Khell'loann Mhehorael family consists of several smaller extended families ruled by the oldest living male member. While males and females play an equal role in duties of the empire, only the male members may ascend to power and influence within the empire. Khell'loann Mhehorael family ties are extremely strong, so much so that it is not unheard of for a Khell'loann Mhehorael to kill themselves to spare the family "dishonor." The Khell'loann Mhehorael regard their children as the continuation of their honor and hence will protect them until their death.

To conclude this information file, we shall summarize the Khell'loann Mhehorael. While they are a worthy opponent in battle, their defects still far outweigh their advantages and in the end their empire will crumble before our might and power. Until then all Rihannsu are strongly encouraged to deal with the Khell'loann Mhehorael with extreme caution, as they are easily agitated and often use any excuse they can to provoke hostilities. If you find yourself in an encounter with a hostile, or any Khell'loann Mhehorael for that matter you should contact the highest ranking Kiith Officer for assistance.

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