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Rihannsu Economy

Last Updated Friday June 20, 1997, 10:35 PM EDT

The main economy of the Empire is highly centralized, due to the necessities of constantly providing for the protection of the Empire. The civilian-run and High Command monitored Rihannsu Merchant Marine is given the task of running the Rihannsu merchant fleet and providing the income necessary to maintain the Empire and take care of various expenses. Any failure of the Rihannsu Merchant Marine adversely affects the defense of the Rihannsu Empire and as such, is generally not tolerated terribly well.

Thanks to the Rihannsu attitude towards alien races, trading with them is rather similar to the standard Terran means, in which the vendor attempts to get the highest price possible from the customer and the customer tries to bargain him down. When two Rihannsu trade, the procedures differs considerably. The vendor honors the buyer by offering the lowest price he can possibly give and the buyer tries to talk the vendor up to an honorable price which he feel accurately reflects the social status of his house.

For example, if a Rihannsu were to buy a hlai steak, the vendor would first offer to sell it at cost, or even less if the buyer is of particularly high status. The buyer would then make a counter offer, providing a profit margin which reflects the power and status of himself and his family. The two then bargain until a compromise is reached, at which point merchandise changes hands.

Most recently, due to a failure of the civilian leadership of the Rihannsu Merchant Marine to perform their duty of earning the money necessary to keep the Rihannsu Empire operating effectively, the Praetorate (High Command) decided to place sole control of the Rihannsu Merchant Marine in the hands of the rihannen'Galae, the Rihannsu fleet, referred to as the Bloodwing Legion.

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