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Rihannsu Fashion and Recreation

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Most Rihannsu males wear pants or slacks that are cut close to the body, and either soft shoes or boots. At formal occasions the house uniform may be worn unless the Rihanha is in the military, in which case a standard issue uniforms would be worn. Tunics and robes are a common form of casual wear among the Rihannsu people. Most Rihannsu woman wear the same styles as men but generally have a tendency towards more free-flowing garb. Dresses or robes are not uncommon among Rihannsu females but females in military service basically wear the same uniforms that men do.

Both sexes often wear robes alone or hung open on top of other outfits. Rihannsu tend towards earth tones and darker shades of other colors. Bright or eye-catching clothing is uncommon and considered socially quite radical. Most clothes are simply designed and functional in nature and decoration, when present, is usually embroidered into the clothing.

Most Rihannsu play games such as d'elo, which is a game of stones and sticks that can be traced back to an ancient Vulcan. There are arena games, where athletes, both men and women, show their prowess with various Rihannsu weapons and fighting techniques, as is expected of the Rihannsu people. Rihannsu also relish nature and enjoy the beauty of it, and most are avid hikers and enjoy the typical outdoor activities.

Artistic abilities show the softer side of the Rihannsu personality, balancing their fierce warrior ethic with the sensitivity of an artist. Sculpting, pottery, and carving are the most popular media, as Rihannsu prefer to work in three-dimensional forms, although painting is a reasonably common artistic activity. In addition to the visual arts, the Rihannsu enjoy writing, literature, poetry, drama, and lhi, a game of wits and riddles.

Rihannsu Uniforms

On this page, we will also be discussing Rihannsu manners of dress. As a young eredh seeking to move up in the world, it is important that you be able to impress your superiors, or at the very least not offend them, by dressing appropriately at all times. It is also essential that you be able to recognize the Empire's officers simply by their uniforms. Further, we will be discussing civilian clothing and uniforms for the Empire's major legions.

First, we will start with the Phi'lasasam uniform, since all eredhin are enrolled there presently. The uniform is a dark blue tunic with squared shoulders worn over black pants, with a black belt cinching it tight at the waist. On the left breast is the Phi'lasasam symbol: a triangle with a horizontal line at its top point and a galaxy above. Each level of Eredh at the Phi'lasasam has a different color sash: erei'Eredhin wear a white sash, Eredhin wear grey, and khre'Eredhin black. Note that the sash is worn hanging vertically on the right shoulder and tucked into the belt. The khre'Eredh also wears on his sash the emblem of the legion with which he has selected to train.

It is important that you be able to recognize the staff of the Phi'lasasam, since it is they you will be asking for help or exams. All full-time staff wear dark blue robes with colored trim. For vaed'Rehai the trim is white, for erei'Khoilmnriir it is gray, and for the Khoilmnriir it is black. On the left side of the robe is the Phi'lasasam emblem. Part-time staff, such as afweirrea, wear the uniform of the legion they serve in with the Phi'lasasam emblem embroidered into it.

The Phi'lasasam's uniform was modelled after the Galae uniform, which consists of a boxy silver-gray boxy tunic with a black sash tucked into a black belt that runs around the waist. The pants are a black colored cloth tucked into polished black boots at about mid-calf. On the sash is rank insignia and colored trim. The trim is determined by what division one serves in, as shown below. Note that the command staff includes the Riov, first officer, and second officer. Trim colors are as follows:

If officers are in more than one department, they would have one color on one side, and the other color on the other side. Officers uncertain of a specific console assignment wear plain black. Pinned to the sash is your rank insignia, which we will discuss shortly. Finishing off the uniform is a pair of black pants tucked into black polished boots.

Rank insignia in the Galae are as follows:

Equitorum: one open latinum mark
Erein: one latinum mark
erei'Arrain: two latinum marks
Arrain: three latinum marks
khre'Arrain: four latinum marks
erei'Riov: one latinum bar
Riov: two latinum bars
khre'Riov: three latinum bars
Enarrain: four latinum bars
erei'Enriov: one latinum triangle
Enriov: two latinum triangles
khre'Enriov: three latinum triangles

The next uniform to be discussed is that of the Tal Shiar. Again, it resembles the Galae and Phi'lasasam uniforms. However, it would be a deadly mistake to confuse a Tal officer for someone in another legion. Note now that the Tal Shiar uniform is identical to the Galae version with two exceptions: the tunic itself is gray-green in color and the sash is always solid back.

Next to be discussed is the Kiith Mrevhoqq'ghi uniform. Being the Rihannsu Empire's diplomatic corps, Kiith members must look their best when meeting representatives from other empires. The basic uniform consists of a crimson robe that is closed from the neck to the waist, flowing open from the waist down. Underneath the robe, black pants can be seen tucked into black boots. Sleeves of the robe extend all the way to the wrist. One important note is that lead ambassadors and the hru'Llaudh have silver trim around their uniform.

The Kiith also wear sashes over their right shoulder, tucked into belts at their waist. The colors of their sash indicate what assignment within the Kiith they have been given. On the occasion they are given more than one assignment, their primary assignment makes up the main color of the sash, while secondary assignments form a color trim. Mission colors are as follows:

For example, a Kiith member assigned to negotiate a treaty with the Federation who also serves as an engineering officer on the Kiith diplomatic courier would wear a blue sash with green trim.

Rank insignia in the Kiith are composed of silver and copper colored bands on the right wrist of their robes. The silver bands are thin, no more than 1/4 of an inch, while the copper bands are wider, about 1/2 inch.

This table shows how the band rank system works in the Kiith Mrevhoqq'ghi:

Prefix -Auethnen -Lleifven -Llairhi
ne' 1 silver 1 copper & 1 silver 2 copper & 1 silver
No Prefix 2 silver 1 copper & 2 silver 2 copper & 2 silver
el' 3 silver 1 copper & 3 silver 2 copper & 3 silver
hru' 4 silver 1 copper & 4 silver

The hru'Llaudh would wear 3 copper bands and no silver bands.

Finally, if you decide to enter the Rihannsu Merchant Marine, you will not have to worry about the details of uniforms. Since the Rihannsu Merchant Marine is a more civilian oriented organization, though it does fall under the government's control, no specific uniform has been declared. Rihannsu Merchant Marine operatives may simply wear the insignia of the Rihannsu Merchant Marine on a pin or badge. Note that the Merchant Marine's responsibilities have been assumed for the time being by the Galae due to previous failures of the Merchant Marine to fulfill their duties, but this fact may change.

Before this discussion of uniforms concludes, it would be appropriate to discuss dressing for ceremonial occasions. Your uniform shows that you proudly serve the Empire. Therefore, it is considered quite appropriate on ceremonial occasions to show that loyalty by wearing your uniform, if you have one, in lieu of formal civilian clothes. The Rihannsu are a functional people, and do not have dress uniforms per se. However, on ceremonial occasions, hfihar cloaks can be worn to display family affiliation. These long, sweeping cloaks bear the insignia and colors of the hfihar whose name you bear. You should check with your hru'hfirh if you are uncertain as to what your hfihar's cloak looks like. If you are not so fortunate as to belong to a hfihar, no cloak is worn.

Moving on to civilian clothes, it is fairly evident that civilian clothes, as in any society, change as fashions progress, though perhaps trends change a little more slowly among Rihannsu, conservative as they are. If you are unsure as to what to wear to social situations, the rough guidelines at the beginning of this page will help you along.

Rihannsu clothing is primarily designed to be comfortable and to display the station of the wearer in society. While Rihannsu pay little attention to clothing beyond what it may describe officially about the wearer, unusual or overly ornate clothing may lower others' opinions of the Rihannsu wearing them. It is best to dress conservatively for more formal situations and to be cautious in your fashion selection.

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