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The Rihannsu Legal System

Last Updated Friday June 20, 1997, 10:35 PM EDT

The Rihannsu judiciary is based on the principal assumption that the accused is guilty until proven otherwise. Rihannsu court cases are judged by a tribunal of three judges, two chosen from the Deihuih and a chief judge from the Fvillhaih, who decide all cases. The defendant may represent himself or choose the option of having a separate legal representative. In times of emergency, barring objections by the Fvillhaih, this procedure may be abbreviated in the interests of the survival of the Empire. Note that innocence or guilt is decided by the authorities before the trial commences. A certain procedure is to be followed after the commission of a crime in the Rihannsu Star Empire.

First, the victim must contact the authorities, as vigilante justice will not be tolerated in the Rihannsu Star Empire. This generally means contacting one's superiors or if the violation of the law is serious enough and concerns the well-being of the Empire as a whole, the victim can contact a representative of the Tal Shiar. Unlike the rules of engagement and operation of police forces in other races, Rihannsu law states that any and all necessary actions may be taken by the authorities in the apprehension of suspects in a criminal investigation, including the use of deadly force.

Upon apprehension or death of the suspect, a notice of the apprehension and trial date must be immediately posted by the appropriate authorities. All trial dates must be within one week of apprehension barring unforseen complications, as late justice is no justice at all. Apprehended suspects must make a full and complete confession of the truth of the situation. There is no right to council and refusal to confess the truth will only work against the suspect.

The appropriate authorities will perform an investigation and decide upon the guilt or innocence of the defendant, which is alawys decided before the trial commences in Rihannsu society. Generally, these authorities would be the suspect's superiors or in cases where the good of the entire Rihannsu Star Empire is concerned, the Tal Shiar. Upon decision of guilt or innocence, the tribunal will deliver its decision and sentence the suspect if he or she is found guilty. The defendant's only right is that of statement if said statement is not deemed to be destructive of the Empire's best interests and continued survival.

Following announcement of the trbunal's decision, punishment is to be administered within one week of the decision. There is no right of appeal, and the punishment will be applied by the guilty party's superior officer or if the crime was sufficiently severe, by agents of the Tal Shiar.

As the basic treatise of Rihannsu law, let it be proclaimed that all citizens are created equal in honorable potential and retain the basic freedom to treat and be treated according to their relative merit. The Rihannsu Empire grants its citizens the following basic honorable freedoms under its law:

While these rights are guaranteed to all Rihannsu citizens, the Rihannsu Star Empire has also seen fit to strictly prohibit from its citizens the following actions. Rihannsu are prohibited from bearing weapons unless so directed by enlistment into the military or Tal Shiar or by government degree. If the citizen is a member of the military or Tal Shiar, possession of weapons is a priviledge granted by the citizen's superior officers. All Rihannsu are also forbidden from taking place in or causing to take place either directly or indirectly any action deemed to be against the interests of the Empire or any public or private dissention with the ideals of the Rihannsu Star Empire. Further, all citizens are forbidden from possessing, creating, distributing or causing to be possessed, created, or distributed any materials deemed in opposition to the interests of the Empire. In the past, this has included banned books such as The Fuo, among others.

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