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Last Updated Friday June 20, 1997, 10:35 PM EDT

There are some of you who wish to have careers in the Tal Shiar. Be warned, this is not a easy task. The Tal Shiar rarely recruits from the Phi'lasasam. Due to the nature of the Tal Shiar and its responsibility, only those who conduct themselves with the greatest maturity and embody the values of the Rihannsu will be allowed to serve the Empire as an agent of the Tal Shiar. Only in special cases, will the short stay at the academy be enough to make this judgement. In the entire history of the Tal Shiar and the Phi'lasasam, only three eredhin have been selected directly out of the academy but only two serve the Tal Shiar and the empire now.

What is the Tal Shiar? It is the innermost defense of Rihannsu Star Empire and the power invested in it makes it clear. You might have heard elsewhere in other lectures that it is dangerous to refuse the request of even the lowest ranking Tal Shiar officer. Let me stress that fact again: should you have the misfortune of having to deal with the Tal, your only hope is full cooperation with the authorities. Nothing is beyond the scope of Tal Shiar powers when it learns about a threat to the empire.

Though a paramilitary organization, the Tal Shiar serves both functions as military intelligence and the internal secret police. It handles all crimes within the Empire that it believes influence its security as well as obtaining and using key tactical and strategic information about enemies and allies alike.

If you are selected to join the ranks of the Tal Shiar, you will go through intensive training and the exam will be short and difficult. A single mistake will earn you a return ticket to ch'Rihan and dismissal from the Phi'lasasam. Along with the exam, you will be asked to write up a report and will have to go through a weapon ability exercise. The stay at the Phi'lasasam will not be long but more gruelling for that fact.

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