Jajlo 'emrIS Dun is the mate of 'ajyo' Y'Aarg aDtuQ jen.

She began her career as Chief Communications Officer and Chief Medical Officer on the Scout ship IKV_Ily'So under HoD T'rkal. During this time, she also began her training with the Klingon Diplomacy.

After the demise of her ship, Jajlo' devoted herself full time to the Diplomacy working her way up from Aide in Training to the position of Duy'a cha'DIch (Assistant Imperial Ambassador) with the added honor of an Advisory Position on the Klingon High Council.

After a period of time, Jajlo' was granted a Full Seat on the Council. She had left Diplomacy by this time to take on the mantle of the Regency of Klinzhai and the Governership of Qo'noS where she currently serves.

Current Status: Alive

Highest Rank: 'aj

Parent(s): Erusg

Married to: Y'Aarg

Children: Rakthar, D'Hurd, and Kiriana (aDtuQ). qana'pe, K'ruk, Cro'sus and Darmok ('emrIS).

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