Y'Aarg began his career in the Klingon Navy shortly after graduating the Klingon Command Academy with Honors. He was hired by Legmar, HoD of the IKV Riskadh as chIjwI' where he served with honor. Later, he moved to the position on DeghwI' of the Riskadh and eventually made First Officer.

Shortly after making ra'wI' Riskadh, the Battle of Flagrante Bello occurred. Y'Aarg was pressed into service as helmsman aboard the IKV Sivista under HoD Bhortas where he watched with sorrow as many of his fellows joined the Black Fleet. The Sivista served as guard to the heavily damaged Qomo Val on the trip back to Qo'noS.

After the IKSB HubwI' was destroyed, Y'Aarg was promoted to HoD and under took command of the Sivista. The time aboard the Sivista was short though and Y'Aarg soon moved to the heavy cruiser, ramghoch, where he stayed until he took command of the Fleet.

While stationed aboard the ramghoch, Y'Aarg served the Empire as Commodore, Head of Navy Intelligence, Personnel and Fleet Logistics. When his elder brother Legmar dissappeared, Y'Aarg and totlh Torgh took join command of the Fleet, with Torgh eventually falling from grace to leave only Y'Aarg in command.

Y'Aarg then took over command of the Fleet and the flagship, the IKV Hegh QIj. Unfortunatly the Hegh QIj was destroyed while on routine patrol in Gorn Space, kicking off a war with the Gorn Confederation. Y'Aarg, now an 'ajHom, completed construction of a new flagship, the IKV yoHtIQ and immediatly went in search of the GCS Inexorable to avenge the Hegh QIj. The Inexorable gladly engaged the Braveheart, only to sustain massive damage and retreat. Y'Aarg hunted the Inexorable for many months, but was denie d justice when the Crystalline Entity swept through the Gorn Confederation, destroying all.

During the Gorn War, Y'Aarg and his crew engaged the Romulan Flagship, the Vriha T'Liss several times, inflicting enormous aouts of damage each time, only to have the cowardly romulSnganpu' engage cloak and flee. But his greatest acomplishment during the war, was the destrucion of the GCS Gheist under the command of the fullic-Dorn, Canth, Leader of the Gorn Confederation.

During the uneasy relations between the Empire and both the Romulan Star Empire and the United Federation of Planets, Y'Aarg still defended the Empire as Fleet Commander and as the Qang's Chief of Staff. Battling the romulans and eventually destroying their flagship, the Vriha T'Liss, avenging many who died at Flagrante Bello.

Current Status: Alive

Highest Rank: Qang

Parent(s): Kitlh

Married to: Jajlo'

Children: Rakthar and D'Hurd (aDtuQ). qana'pe, K'ruk, Cro'sus and Darmok ('emrIS).

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