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Rihannsu Empire Ranking System

Last Updated Friday June 20, 1997, 10:35 PM EDT

Ranks have great importance in the Rihannsu Star Empire in that as they are determined by the indvidual's position in the Empire, and position determines his or her social standing and place in the civilian and military chains of command. The ranking system for the Empire is as follows. Note that civilian ranks are in no particular order and a description of Rihannsu uniforms and rank insignia can be found on the fashion page on this site.

Federation Military Translation
First Year Cadet erei'Eredh Subcadet
Second Year Cadet Eredh Cadet
Third Year Cadet khre'Eredh Cadet-General
Crew Equitorum Crew
Ensign Erein Antecenturion
Lieutenant JG erei'Arrain Subcenturion
Lieutenant Arrain Centurion
Lt. Commander khre'Arrain Centurion-General
Commander erei'Riov Subcommander
Captain Riov Commander
Commodore khre'Riov Commander-General
Rear Admiral Enarrain Senior Centurion
Vice Admiral erei'Enriov Sub-Senior Commander
Admiral Enriov Senior Commander
Fleet Admiral khre'Enriov Senior Commander-General
Director Fvillha Praetor

Listed below are various civilian ranks and positions seen in Rihannsu society. As mentioned above, they are listed in no particular order, and you are not guaranteed to see all of these in use at any particular time due to the realities of a limited MUSE population.

Federation Civilian
Servant Hfai
Citizen Hfehan
Junior Merchant ne'Arrhai
Merchant Arrhai
Senior Merchant el'Arrhai
Student Eredh
Junior Worker ne'Fvehai
Worker Fvehai
Upper Worker el'Fvehai
Junior Executive ne'Rhaetelh
Executive Rhaetelh
Senior Executive el'Rhaetelh
Junior Administrator ne'Fvrihai
Administrator Fvrihai
Senior Administrator el'Fvrihai
Asst. Head Administrator ne'Aefvriha
Head Administrator Aefvriha
President Praetelh
Junior Governor ne'Afvillhei
Governor Afvillhei
Senior Governor el'Afvillhei
Junior Advisor ne'Auethnen
Advisor Auethnen
Senior Advisor el'Auethnen
Chief Advisor hru'Auethnen
Junior Attache ne'Lleifven
Attache Lleifven
Senior Attache el'Lleifven
Junior Ambassador ne'Llairhi
Ambassador Llairhi
Senior Ambassador el'Llairhi
Chief Ambassador hru'Llaudh
Landowner Praetor
Lower Senator en'Deihu
Senator Deihu
Upper Senator el'Deihu
Chief Senator hru'Deihu
Head Praetor Fvillha

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