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The Lloann'mhrahel, more commonly referred to as the United Federation of Planets, consists of an assortment of races, generally humanoid in nature. Many people within the Empire and some of the other empires feel that the title of "humans only club" more accurately portrays the Lloann'mhrahel, since humans make up a minorty of membership, but almost exclusively govern the Lloann'na. However, there are a few other more affluent races associated with the Lloan'mhrahel, such as our distant cousins the Vulcans. Since it would be difficult to characterize each of the individual races, we shall conduct this lecture with the mind set that when we say Lloann'na, we are referring to the Lloann'mhrahel as a collective whole.

Unlike the Khell'loann Mhehorael, the Lloann'na are not fierce warriors and worthy adversaries. Instead, they tend to be rather passive and weak. When pressured into an confrontation, their first and most typical response is to flee without confrontation. If that option is not available or they are unable to do it successfully, the Lloann'na will attempt to bluff or talk their way out of their predicament. In past dealings, we have been able to determine that the Lloann'na are not an honorable empire, therefore we would caution you to evaluate what they are saying with the circumstances of the situation at hand. If given the chance, most Lloann'na will foul up their own story and complicate their situation more. This may be amusing, however you must keep in mind that they are Lloann'na and will be destroyed on our rise to glory.

In the past the Lloann'mhrahel were influenced by two major spheres of power: Earth and Vulcan. However, for reasons we will discuss later, Earth is now the only center of power in the Lloann'mhrahel.

The Lloann'na were formerly governed by StarFleet Command from Earth by Admiral Kolinhar, whose tyranny was infamous, Rear Admiral Jagged, and Admiral Jensen. The other sphere of influence was centered around the planet Vulcan, governed by the T'Khasi High Council: Admiral Arekh, and former Fleet Admiral S'Talon. However, through negotiations, StarFleet Command and the T'Khasi High Council merged into the Lloan'mhrahel Council.

The Lloann'mhrahel Council consisted of President Laura, Vice President Carlisle, Chairman S'Talon, and members Valdar, Lugar, Dodger, and Stryker. The Lloann'mhrahel Council was responsible for forming policies which affected Lloann'na space and for governing the Lloann'na peoples. The Council was designed to encorporate the four major divisions of the Lloann'na: Federation Intelligence, Federation Diplomacy, Federation Planetary Operations, and Federation Fleet Operations.

Due to forces we are not entirely sure of, there appears to have been some treachery within StarFleet Command which lead to a coup overthrowing the Lloann'mhrahel Council. Admiral Stryker, in an insane plot to gain power, usurped the Council Chairman and eliminated our distant cousins from the Council. Under his martial law the Vulcan leaders "disappeared," assumed to have been eliminated by Stryker in his eternal quest for power. The T'Khasi empire waned and withered under Stryker's tyranny. With the death of the T'Khasi influences, the Lloann'mhrahel lost their last and remaining honorable qualities.

Lloann'mhrahel technology is basically unremarkable, their ships are unusually basic, solid, and do not appear to have any deficiencies other than their crews. Lloann'na Officers usually carry a standard issue Lloann'na insignia similar to our implants and Lloann'na hand phasers.

In closing, the Lloann'mhrahel are less than an honorable race. It is important when dealing with a Lloann'na officer that you should press your advantage. Remember: you are Rihanha! You are never wrong. However, if you do have contact with a Lloann'na officer, you need to contact the highest ranking Kiith Mrevhoqq'ghi officer present and make sure you inform the Tal Shiar of the incident.

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