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United Federation of Planets

The United Federation of Planets is the largest empire currently on the muse. We are based on the version mainly seen in the TNG and DS9 series. Though due to muse restrictions, we do not have a civilian population. But we do have many organizations to choose from with in the main org, StarFleet. They are :

You don't have to choose one single org to be in. You can be a doctor or a security officer, or be in SF Naval Command or in Merchant Operations. There are many combinations you can select from for your Federation character.

We have a large selection of races for you to choose from, thus offering you more options than just the standard "base" Human. The allowed races for the Federation are: Human, Vulcan, Bajoran, Trill, Pakled, Naussican, Bynar, Betazoid, Benzite, Tellarite, Caitian, Bolian, and Andorian. The TrekMUSE time line does not include the DS9 or Voyager series, so the races from those series are generally not allowed (i.e. Changelings or Jem'Hadar). But if you would like to play a race not in this list, you should talk to the the Federation President (Director) Ghareth.

So are you interested in the Federation? Do you want to join? Click here for instructions.

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