TrekMUSE: What's New?


Documentation Available
(Updated October 10,1998)

Files that were previously on the now-defunct ftp site are available via the web. Look in the documents area.

TrekMUSE Wins Award
(Updated December 26, 1997)

TrekMUSE won an award for "Best Sci-Fi MUD/MUSE/MUCK/MOO". Check out the December 1997 Issue of Yahoo! Internet Life, page 77.

New Pages Added
(Updated December 26, 1997)

New Federation pages! Ferengi pages updated. New graphics added to the events page. Added graphic to what's new page.

TrekMUSE Events
(Updated October 7, 1997)

Updated information about the events (Beach Party and Road Trip).

TrekMUSE Beach Party
(Updated July 1, 1997)

Updated information about the upcoming TrekMUSE beach party September 19-21 in North Carolina.

Economy Information
(Added July 1, 1997)

Economy information is now online. This information includes a list of current products, as well as some additional information. Do not consider this a comprehensive set of documents. It's intended only to explain what's going on with econ, and where it might be headed. Right now it's mostly the help files. Look for updates soon.

New Empires' GIF
(Modified June 20, 1997)

Modified the main page GIF™ file to use the windows palette. It now looks worse on macs and unix boxes, but I figure we have to cater to the 80% of the world that uses the inferior machines. ;-) - Last update, October 10, 1998