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Rihannsu Military

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The military is the central organization in the Rihannsu Empire. In order to protect themselves after the appearance of the Federation in their system, the Rihannsu provided sweeping powers to their military. This emphasis on military service lead in turn to the social importance of military service and combat veterans being seen as the most respected members of the Rihannsu population.

The military is led by the High Command, which consists of the current khre'Enriov, or Fleet Admiral, and his subordinate Enarrain-a, or Commodores. The khre'Enriov handles administrative and grand scale strategy, while the Enarrain-a deal with the minutae of fleet operations and small scale tactics of their own ships and the ships in their task forces.

Members of the military are expected to follow the chain of command, reporting problems and progress to their immediate superiors as a matter of course. As is appropriate for the military, insubordination and failure to follow orders is not tolerated and punishable by the most severe methods should conditions warrant it. Treason, however, is punishable by the most severe methods possible, meaning an excrutiatingly painful death by execution.

When on the MUSE, military players are expected to have fun, but remember they are to be roleplaying a military character and as such, respect is to be shown for your superior officers and you are to follow your orders, to the death if so required. The Rihannsu military is not run by consensus or by the popular vote - it is run by the will of the Fvillha as passed down to the khre'Enriov serving as the Bloodwing Legion Commander and passed down from the khre'Enriov to his Enarrain-a and then to their Riov-a.

Rihannsu Ships

After their first war with the Federation, the Rihannsu bent their engineering skills towards creating a ship to defend the Empire. The result was the "Bird of Prey" class starship, acknowledged by everyone, including the Klingons and the Federation, to be one of the finest, most solid and maneuverable warp-capable craft ever designed. The Bird of Prey is small but contains a formidable arsenal, most notably a plasma-based molecular implosion field.

In addition to the impressive Bird of Prey, the Rihannsu were the first species in the quadrant to develop a working cloaking device. A prototype device was stolen by the Federation shortly after it's development, but was not entirely compatible with their propulsion systems, and is not in common use in their fleet. The Klingons also succeeded in stealing the device, some time later, and successfully adapted it to their ships. Most Rihannsu ships are equipped with the cloaking device for the impressive tactical advantage it provides.

After the war with the Federation and several wars with the Klingons, the Rihannsu found their economy in desperate shape, and were forced to sign a trade agreement with the Klingons. Under the agreement, the Rihannsu were forced to buy a number of Klingon ships for their fleet. Though heavily armed, the Klingon ships proved to be poorly made, and the Rihannsu have been trying to phase them out of service ever since.

For a while, the Rihannsu were not heard from. When they returned, they did so with a vengeance, showing their new d'Deridex-class Warbird and a new scout vessel. Even to this day, the names of the original sixteen far-travel ships are still preserved in the Rihannsu fleets, both merchant and military, and never allowed to lie idle, a testament to the Rihannsu respect for the past and sacrifice of those who chose to follow S'Task on the Journey.

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