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Last Updated Monday October 13, 1997, 1:46 AM EDT

Of all the races in Paramount's Star Trek universe, probably the most misunderstood and maligned are the Rihannsu, called Romulans by the Federation. Followers of Star Trek will recognize the Romulans as the classic enemies of the Federation and the perennial "bad guys" we all love to hate. This WWW guide will attempt to provide readers with a Rihannsu viewpoint on the Star Trek universe, a starting point from which to understand Romulan culture, some information about individual Rihannsu behavior, and a unique view of Rihannsu conflicts with the Federation and the Klingons. It is also designed to provide players from the TrekMUSE Rihannsu Empire with a simple to access, consistent, and stable information source. It is my intention to promote better roleplaying and provide a single source for the Rihannsu dictionary and RomLang project through the creation and maintenance of these pages. It is hoped that you will find these pages useful, either as a curiosity, or a source of info to use in better roleplaying a Rihannsu character.

Much of the material in this guide is derived from the Star Trek books "The Romulan Way" and "My Enemy, My Ally," by Diane Duane, published by Pocket Books. Finally, further information and corrections were provided by the TrekMUSE Phi'lasasam lectures and the following TrekMUSE players: tr'Ashwei, Zarog, Thorn, S'olitaire, J'Mgandr, Chuckles, Krathis, along with others I have probably forgotten. Without their help, this project would not exist. I would also like to thank Mai'kala just for being generally cool.


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